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TENCEL MASK is made of TENCEL material, which is 100% plant fiber, environment-friendly and bio-degradable. It is soft, light, and transparent with superior absorbing ability. It makes your skin better absorb the essence nutrition. Continuous use of our facial mask will make your skin smooth and soft with excellent skin tone

1 Package contents of 5 sachets, with variant of:

  • Vivelle Face Mask Pomegrante.
  • Vivelle Face Mask Bengkuang.
  • Vivelle Face Mask Vitamin C.
  • Vivelle Face Mask Lemon Extract.

How To Use:

Make sure your face is clean and dry before use the face mask. Open the packaging, separated the tissue from the plastic sheet, then spread the face mask tissue and stick it on the face for 20-30 minutes. After that remove the mask from bottom to top